i believe…









I believe.

And it is not that difficult to explain.

I have eyelashes, they make me believe.

Let me explain.

I was slicing apples and pears. I popped a piece of apple into my mouth and as I chewed it, the juice dribbled from my mouth. It was sweet with a distinct tang. Then I ate a piece of pear. The pear was green outside and white within. It was of course the characteristic tear drop shape and had its own kind of sweetness.

Sweetness is one word that describes so many different tastes.

Pineapple is different from apple which is different from watermelon which is different from grapes… and it goes on and on.

So many fruits in different shapes, colours and tastes.

Then the tubers. Yam is different from Irish Potatoes which is different from sweet potatoes and different from cocoyam… that goes on and on.

How about the grains? Rice is different from millet which is different from corn and so on….

I am not rambling.

Back to my eyelashes.

Eyelashes and whiskers have the same use. They protect. When debris is about to enter your eyes, your eyes blink by reflex. You don’t will it to blink.

The human system is so complex, every sinew, every muscle, every vein, every artery, even the fine hair on our bodies are all useful.

You know what this tells me.

Nothing is random. Everything is distinct.

Like it was well thought out.

Because it was well thought out.

There is absolutely no chaos.

A big bang makes absolute no sense to me. It is against every law of nature.

Things do not just appear.

Like my laptop is on the bed because I kept it there.

It could be thrown there by, let’s say a flood. Or some serious whirlwind.. It cannot place itself on the bed.

You cannot tell me there was a big bang and ABRACADABA the universe appeared.

I believe we were made.

The finely arranged eyelashes I bat are too neatly aligned to be random.

You look in my eyes and you can see happiness or sadness or anger or love.

Explain to me how that is possible.

I repeat, everything is too deliberate to be random.

The reasons people question the existence of God is because the world truly seems chaotic.

Wars kill millions of people including children.

So does disease and famine.

A person walks into a classroom and kills little children.

“God where are you when kids are being killed and raped.”

“Where are you when a church is bombed?”

I asked myself this sort of question 7 years ago when my step daughter died.

It was the lowest ebb in my life of belief.

Grief and chaos alter our lives.

They change how we perceive an all knowing and all powerful maker.

It took years for me to come to some terms with this loss.

“Biodun, death from a human perspective is final. Death from my (God) point of view is a beginning.”

So death is not an ultimate tragedy before a God that is eternal.

For once, I saw our daughter happy.

I stopped focusing on the tragedy of not watching her grow beyond the 2 years she lived.

I stopped focusing on her physical absence.

I simply see her thriving in another life.

Human tragedies are strictly human.

I believe because of Brexit and the emergence of Trump.

Now I am being silly… or am I

Winds shift, movements come and go.

Dispensations change.

In all the seeming chaos, there is a connectivity to it all.

Like it is amazing how much of a single entity the world is becoming.

Virtually tied up together.

I smell biblical prophesies coming to pass.

I believe because of different things.

How we are human and so separated from animals.

How we are able to think, to coordinate, to dominate the whole universe when the wisest of animals cannot compare with tiniest achievements.

It isn’t random.

We were made with the secrets of the Earth written in codes in our heads.

We are little wonders walking the Earth and carrying the world in our brains.

We are chips of the old block.

Creating delicate and intricate things. Sending voices through a little phone and someone across the world hears us and talks to us.

The use of science to unravel mysterious simply tells me that we hold the keys to every locked door.

Science makes me believe in a way.

But some of the sharpest minds in science will never believe simply because they cannot comprehend or authenticate according to their human parameters how it is possible for there to be a God.

When they try to disprove, they prove over and over again how big yet little our understanding of things are.

God defies all parameters.

It is humanly impossible to logically figure him out.


I believe with all that is in me.




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  1. Lucky on February 2, 2017 at 10:35 am

    Well said!

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