Did your Valentines Day beat the recession?

Congratulations people, you did it. You actually celebrated valentines day in the hard biting recession (or not). I must say I was pleased that the buzz was still in the air. Yes there were lonely and hurt hearts but I do believe the day went well.

While driving home yesterday, I tuned in on one of our now many radio stations yesterday to hear a lady tell us how her Feb 14th was going to be uneventful. During the call, she spoke about her ex husband and how she had gone all out to make his 2016 a valentine to remember.

The highpoint of her story was how she got to find out that the cake she got and delivered to her then husband ended up being shared with the ex’s girlfriend. Apparently the guy had been cheating on her but she was playing her part tobpatch things up.  Interestingly, she sounded at peace with it all though the conversation even at the earlier part of the call when the presenter joked about her not having a date and all. It was after this information that the whole ex husband and cheating gist came up.

To cut a long story short, she was given a lunch for two by the presenter at a cool restaurant which kind of made her valentines day.

So what’s your story?

“How did your valentine’s day go?”

“Did your man show he is still romantic?”

“Or did your lady take you to cloud 9 this year?”

Tell us how your valentines went.

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