About Us

Marj and May is inspired by the lives of two ladies of the same family.

marjandmay_blurredMarj and May is named thus because our focus is to channel the love we had for two beautiful souls to impact on other people. Celebrating love and life fully, understanding life’s brevity while at the same time recognizing love’s immortality.

Our site is a space where people can come to take a breather, vent, get support and also find helpful information. We will talk about things as mundane as detergents but we will also talk about dealing with difficult things like how to cope with the loss of loved ones. A huge span, yes, but this means nothing is out of bounds.

This is a journey. We are excited to walk it with you.

Who are we?

We are us… He is Kwosh, the happy one and she is Bee, the naughty one…

(So there will be a lot of she said, he said… AKA different perspectives for gender balance)

Stay with us.

In memory of Majorie and Mayah Nkwocha