There is value in buying local you know…..


A turkey shoot; a perfect description of the retail business experience in today’s Nigeria. Small time retailers have resorted to passing the added costs they experience to the end consumer. If you ask, they’ll tell you it’s the dollar palava.

The middle men are the next level in the distribution chain. They have the same naira balances but cannot buy the same unit of stock as compared to 12 months ago. If you ask why the increase? they will tell you that ‘company has increased price’.

The importers ( aka company) now pay more per item imported in naira terms. To cover costs and maintain returns they have had to increase prices and for some classes of goods capacity for local production is lacking. Thankfully, chicken, like some food stuff ate exempted. This leads me to ask:

How much do you buy your kilo of imported chicken?

Do you still feel it is worth the spend?

Is there something about those frozen chicken that makes you go back – even with the N100. weekly increase?

I just chose an alternative to help my survive the turkey shoot of this insufferable dollar rate. That alternative is Chivita Chicken.


Papa Piper Papa Piper

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